Q: Do you only work with faux florals?

A: Yes, only faux florals! Only our bud vases have the option of having fresh baby's breath.

Q: Do you do personal flowers? (Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages)

A: Unfortunately, due to the high breakdown rate of handheld florals, we do not do personal flowers.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A: Yes, our current minimum order is $1,100 CAD before delivery and tax (easily achieved by ordering an arch and aisle <-- pssst the aisle can be re-purporsed for your reception etc...!). This minimum order will be changing to $1,500 before tax, on July 1st, 2024

Q: What does it mean when it says price is for (1) setup/location only?

A. That means the price you pay is for us to set up the item one time, at one location. Some of the arches come in 7 pieces, and some require more than an hour to install fully. Additional fees apply if the desired rental item is to be moved from the ceremony to the reception, and can be found here.

Q: What if if it rains on my wedding day, and the arch is supposed to be outside?

A: The answer is very simple! Have a very detailed rain plan. If anything is to be installed outdoors, we must know of a rain plan which requires the arch or any other florals arrangement to be installed indoors. Our product cannot be exposed to any rain. Details for this process can be found under "terms and conditions".

*******And we always pray for sunshine on wedding days =)*******

Q: Can you move the arch and aisle to the reception?

A: Yes! Please keep in mind, when an arch/pillars are moved, they require a FULL teardown and FULL re-setup. They cannot be transported in one piece. Firstly, because they can break this way, secondly, the arches are up to 10 ft tall and will not fit through regular doors.

The arches and pillars can only be moved by us, as they are large and require specific work to ensure safe installation. We encourage your wedding planner or coordinator to move the aisle arrangements/smaller arrangements as sometimes there is very limited time to move everything during cocktail hour.

Please note, us moving product requires us to stay for the duration of the ceremony to move the arrangements. We will still on-site/on stand-by and will be in direct communication with your planner.

Here are the details regarding moving the rentals: click here

Q: What are the late pick-up fees after 10pm?

A: 10pm is typically when the tables are cleared of plates and food, the photographer & co-ordinators have left, and the dancing starts, so we swiftly arrive to retrieve all of the rentals while everyone is on the dance floor! However, we do understand you may like a later time to ensure most guests have left and to not interrupt the flow.

11PM charge of + $100

12AM (next day) charge of + $200

Next day pick-ups are on a case-by-case basis, depending on how far the venue is from N0B 2K0.

Q: Do you have a contract that gets signed?

A: By placing an order on this website, you agree to the terms and conditions set on this website, and this will be the legal and binding contract. Please read the terms and conditions before placing your order. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us!

Q. What if I want to see an Arch in person first?

A. We do not meet to show you these products because they are stored in a large room that prevents adequate and easy viewing of the product. They are also very large and cumbersome to take out of storage for viewing. We strive to provide you with clear and precise photos and videos so you know what the product looks like before you rent. Please see additional photos and videos on our Instagram @hbflorals and please email if you have any concerns.

Q: Can I request changes to the arch, centrepiece, or aisle markers?

A: At this time, we are not offering custom/made-to-order floral arrangements that are different from the products on the website. We can add some coloured flowers to the arches and to some aisle arrangements/centrepieces, but we cannot remove flowers that are already there.

Q: How is payment made?

A: You can either pay in full upfront, or you can split your payment 30% now, and 70% - 90 days later. These options are available under each product, as you add them to your cart! If you'd like a customized payment plan, please email me directly with your questions!

Q: Can you hold dates?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot hold dates. All orders are placed through the website, and there can be multiple orders placed per day, and we cannot hold dates for this reason. You have reserved your date when you have placed an order online, a payment has been made, and the order has been reviewed by The Vendor.

Q: What is your Cancellation policy?

A: You can find our policy here. In summary, we require a 90 day cancellation notice, in which everything will be refunded except the initial retainer (which is the delivery fees + 30% of the product/service totals). Cancellations within 90 days of your event will not be refunded.

Q: What if a product is damaged during the day, or has gone missing?

A: We understand that rentals have a certain lifespan and there is general wear and tear, but this timeline is many many years. We have never had a problem that the product was irreversibly damaged, and don't suspect for it to happen in the future! But we understand accidents may happen, and it is important to understand that by renting from us, we are trusting you to take care of the product until it is time for us to pick up. You are taking on the responsibility of the product during the time that you are renting them. Just like with any other item you are renting that day, these florals are premium, high quality flowers that are quite expensive to replace. Please review our terms and conditions for detailed scenarios here.

Q: How far do you deliver?

A: The delivery fee on the website includes delivery/setup/teardown within 75km from our warehouse (Acton, Ontario, Canada, N0B 2K0). Delivery cost for orders outside of 75km are an additional $1.50 for every additional km past 75km.