Welcome to Handmade Botanicals (aka HB Florals)!
My name is Christine, and I am so happy you stumbled upon this website and my business (wherever you came from!) My goal is to provide you with the highest quality faux florals, that look like the real thing, photograph well, and stay fresh throughout your whole day, to save you lots of money on your wedding day! 
Let's face it, every wedding needs flowers. But have you considered what happens to all of the real florals after the wedding? They get tossed. They fulfill their role by providing beauty and elegance for the time they are alive, and then when the day is over, they get tossed.
If you're a bride who wants their flowers to look real and you really don't mind if they are real or not, but you do love to save money........... I am positive we will be a great fit for your big day!
Have a look at all of the galleries on the website, and the flowers will speak for themselves!
    I'm going to be creating more styles in the next coming months, and will have new themes available for spring 2024!

    We hope to hear form you soon and happy planning!