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Moving Arrangements to Reception

Moving Arrangements to Reception

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Service Requested

Please choose this listing if any of these apply to you:

  • you'd like your arch moved after initial set-up (same venue)
  • you'd like your pillars moved after initial set-up (same venue)
  • you'd like your aisle markers moved after initial set-up (same venue)
  • you'd like your urns moved after initial set-up (same venue)
Service Requested  Fee
If Ceremony and Reception is in the same room No additional fee for any arrangements to be moved*
Move: The Chapel Arch or Winifred Arch $400
Move: any of our other Pillars $100

Move: The Alice Arrangements, The Aurora Arrangements, The Athena Arrangements, The Ophelia

Complimentary if moving The Chapel Arch, or any of the other pillars/arches**

If choosing NOT to move your arch or pillars, and ONLY the aisle markers, this fee is $100.

Move: The Daphne Urns $50

* The Chapel Arch and The Winifred Arch cannot be moved easily/dragged, even if the same room gets converted from ceremony to reception, therefore it needs to be tore down and re-installed, and the regular fee would apply.

**To receive this service complimentary, it requires there to be no elevators, stairs, or going from outdoor to indoor, and the distance should be manageable to do the full movement within 20 minutes. If there does require a decent amount of walking, elevation, or movement from outdoor to indoor, the $100 fee would apply.

Please note, moving the arrangements does not only mean us transporting from Point A to Point B. It means us tearing down the initial instalment, transporting everything safely while guests are mingling during cocktail hour, and most importantly, re-styling and setting everything up again at the new location, to make sure it looks perfect. It also means taking the work off of your co-ordinator, planner, or family, to move these items, when they have so much else to deal with! This also ensures that each rental is only handled by us, to limit any damage to the flowers and make sure you have picture perfect arrangements.

Please note, The Chapel Arch and The Winifred Arch requires the arch to be completely disassembled and re-assembled. This process takes approximately 45minutes, depending on how far the reception room is.


If you require the arch / pillars to be moved to a completely new address for reception, please send us an email and we will send you a quote to have this done!

We want to make this a stress free, no headache setup, and understand that time is the most valuable thing to you. Let us take care of your ceremony and reception flowers and check one more thing off your list! 

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